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Q & A

Q: Do we count individuals and groups?
A: Yes, we present conversion rates (number of sales compared to number of people) for
both individuals and groups. Therefore if a family of 4 comes in you will still get conversions per

Q: Can we measure impact of window-shopping display?
A: Yes, you can get the number of people to pass your store, the number of people to pause
next to your store/window and the number of people to enter your store. Thereby you can
measure the effectiveness of your window displays.

Q: Do you need new cameras?
A: No, we utilize your existing security cameras without impacting your security settings (or
increasing your costs…)

Q: Do I need an analytics person to digest the data?
A: No, our dashboards are user friendly and meant to be understood by all. Of course, in
depth analysis is possible should you wish to do this.

Q: Do you ignore employees entries?
A: Yes we can without the need to mark employees with any hardware/tags.

Q: Are you GDPR compliant?
A: Yes, our data is totally anonymous, and we cannot identify a specific person

Q: Do you recognize shoppers demographics?
A: Yes, we recognize Gender and Age of your shoppers, allowing you to understand your
shopper behavior per gender & age groups.


Q: Do you allow in-store / in-mall shopper tracking?

A: Yes, we do much more than just entries and allow you to track in-store journeys with affordable costs



Q: Do you provide heat-maps?

A: Yes. We provide 2 different types of heat-maps. You do not have to enable every camera in your store to benefit from our heatmaps. Our unique algorithms produce heatmaps even for those areas that are not covered by cameras.


Q: Do you track occupancy? In real-time?

A: Yes. Tracking entries and exits provides you occupancy both at store level as well as store-in-store locations.



Q: I don’t have time to open my PC during working hours. How could I use your system?

A: In addition to our multiple dashboards, you may utilize our mobile App. where you could both watch dashboards & reports as well as receiving your real-time personalized alerts.


Q: In which languages do you support

A: We currently support English, Spanish, French, German & Hebrew.

However, we could easily (and happily) support further languages.

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